So the local news reports about the “x-rated” senior quotes metaphorically referring to sex, but they never report on the fact that high school female students are persistently harassed, objectified, and sexualized by telling them they can’t wear short shorts or spaghetti strap tank tops? What if it’s fucking hot? Do they want them to die of heat strokes or something? Fuck with the victim blaming. Girls aren’t forcefully trying to sexualize themselves; it’s boys who do that to girls. 

When I was on my guys high school dance team, we were allowed to pop our booties and dance with sexual gestures on school grounds, but then girls got suspended from their dance team for making a promiscuous dance video not even related to the school. I am PRETTY sure girls swoon over man muscles just as much as guys swoon over girl boobs. But do they ask guys to wear long sleeves to cover up their arms? NO. Like. Girls in ponytails turn me on; I don’t see the authority making them chop off their hair just to stop me from being a horny boy.

Dude! I’m a straight guy and this fucking pisses me off. (For her prom) a girl asked me, paid for me, and drove me (that’s because I got my license suspended after crashing my mom’s car, but whatever), and that didn’t make either of us uncomfortable. So fuck gender roles and sexism. Go wild. I’m going wild right now— naked time is the best time.

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